Aesthetics anti-ageing permanent makeup

Aesthetics anti-ageing permanent makeup

I will tell you as a make-up artist: there is nothing more difficult than creating a competent make-up on mature face. Experiments with color and form are not welcome here, there are strict rules and laws. And most importantly, the result should make the client’s face visually younger! The same principle applies to the technology of permanent makeup of clients of the older age group.

I highly recommend all my clients to order a complex procedure – permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips and camouflaging the periorbital area around the eyelids. Such a holistic approach gives tremendous results, because all areas of the face require equal correction. The correct anti-aging tattooing makes a woman’s face expressive, her features – more clear, it also visually lift the corners of her lips and eyes. Clients who are visually rejuvenated by 8-10 years leave our center completely happy! After all, the dream of becoming younger without surgery at the moment can be done literally in one day.

Complex procedure - permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips and camouflaging the periorbital area around the eyelids

Complex permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips and camouflaging the periorbital area around the eyelids gives tremendous results


Aesthetic eyebrows anti-ageing permanent makeup

With age, the eyebrows lose their shape, the hairs in this area are getting smaller, and the line of the eyebrow slowly descends. Therefore, it is very important to make its contour clearer, but still very soft. I usually apply a mixed technique: hair and soft shading. So the eyebrows get more volume and become brighter. It is also important not to overdo it with color. Never agree (and do not ask the master!) to make very dark eyebrows, they “add age”. It is better to use pigment shades that are as close to the client’s hair color as possible. Reconstruction should pursue the main goal: eyebrows should appear thicker and make the look more open.

Permanent makeup of the lips

The smooth contour of the age lips is an unprecedented phenomenon. The client usually wants to give her lips a beautiful contour and return the natural brightness with the help of permanent makeup. There are so many nuances for the master. Unacceptable are excessively dark cherry, burgundy and dark brown pigment shades that visually adds age. The taboo is also superimposed on too light lips – with them even a young girl will look dull. Too light lips are also forbidden – even a young girl will look dim with them. Natural shades are most preferred. You can offer a soft peach, beige-pink or the most “rejuvenating” translucent berry. Permanent makeup techniques for aged lips are as contour-less, as possible, without any graphics! For many clients is also recommended the use of fillers (especially in the case of pronounced asymmetry). Liplite is also widely to add visual volume. Lifting the corners, making the lips visually larger is only possible due to special schemes and tattoos techniques.


Permanent makeup for aged lips before and after the procedure.

Permanent makeup just after the procedure. After the healing the lips will be 50-60% lighter

Anti-aging eyelids permanent makeup

A woman’s eyes can show her age even faster than her arms or neck, as it is mistakenly considered. With age, the majority of clients exacerbate the problem of the impending eyelids, the outer corners of the eyes are lowered. Because of this the look becomes inexpressive, and the whole look is a bit sad. Only a soft permanent eyeliner with a feathering effect can fix all this. But you shouldn’t use heavy and clear lines!

A noticeable result also makes the effect of shadows on the eyelids, and thus an incredible lifting effect is achieved. It is very well, if the eyeliner will shade and brighten the eye color by using special color palette, close to the iris color. In this way you get two in one – visually thick eyelashes and a raised outer corner of the eye. With age, the conjunctival line of the eyelid becomes more noticeable; in anti-aging makeup, its partial staining is permissible. I always recommend doing a permanent eyelid and eyebrows makeup simultaneously. Otherwise the feeling of incompleteness of the image remains and the effect is less noticeable.

And do not forget that on the age face all the lines should strive upwards!

As you can see, each master has many secrets, I described only a small part. It is certainly important to read the face and work with color, the approach to each client must be individualized. After the permanent make-up and skin healing, it’s enough for the client to use high-quality foundation cream to look attractive and young for several years.

Why the permanent makeup is so good? You do not have to create a “correct” image of all the zones on your face every day! Now even immediately after waking you will be young and beautiful. The high-quality pigment that I use in my work is completely removed from the skin in a natural way in 2-3 years. Every year or two during the refresh procedure, we can, according to your desire, update the shape of the eyebrows, change the contour and color of the lips, and also make everything necessary to camouflage further age changes.

Permanent makeup works great in combination with popular cosmetic injection procedures (filler, botox, etc.) and revolutionary technologies such as fibroblast (eyelid rejuvenation).

Sincerely, Victoriya Rudko


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Aesthetics anti-ageing permanent makeup
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Aesthetics anti-ageing permanent makeup
With age, the majority of clients exacerbate the problem of the impending eyelids, the outer corners of the eyes are lowered. The conjunctival line of the eyelid becomes more noticeable. You can achieve significant results without surgery with a permanent eyelid, eyebrows and lips makeup.
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