Purebeau Permanent Makeup Pigments

Purebeau Permanent Makeup Pigments



Composition and characteristics

General description

test1Purebeau is a German brand that has been leading the Europe and the United States market for 23 years. The quality of the Purebeau Hicon pigment series that we will talk about today is confirmed by a German Ministry of Health certificate and they are certified as non-allergenic, bio-compatible, and sterile in Europe and USA. This means that in the composition of these solutions there is not a single component that could be potentially hazardous to the health of customers. Over the course of our many years of practice, we have not seen a single allergic reaction to these pigments, which gives confidence in the result to both the me as a master and clients. And most important, these pigments are created specifically for permanent makeup in such a way that the body itself can, with the renewal of the skin, naturally remove everything to a single coloring microparticle! And the color of the pigment does not change during the life of the permanent make-up – from one to three years

Below is the information collected bit by bit by a practicing masters of our center, that based on many years of experience. It will become a real lifesaver for both those who are just going to begin using pigments of this brand, and for masters who plan to expand their knowledge in color.

Given the desire for the most natural makeup in Europe, these pigments were created specifically to create the effect of a natural, “washed face”, the so-called nude makeup (makeup “without makeup”). Purebeau pigments are good at creating any effect from the most natural to decorative thanks to easy density control of the color composition. Purebeau Hicon colors have a great texture and high density of the coloring particles. Thus, you will never get an unexpected result and can be sure there will be no unpleasant surprises after healing! Working with these pigments is a pleasure, you can leave in past the fears about spots, stains and a heterogeneous texture of your permanent makeup.

Why the low-quality pigments turn bluish or reddish

Two main factors work here:

  1. Error on the color selection stage. If the master uses a warm pigment on a a warm skin and got red eyebrows. A cold pigment on the bluish vascular lips gives result in blue-violet color. These and other basic information we teach in our basic permanent makeup course.
  2. Pigments designed without an emphasis on the lack of color migration eventually lose one or more color components from their spectrum and change the hue. This is one of the most important factors in assessing the quality of modern pigments. For example, a low-quality brown pigment can loose all the components except most stable red one. And nothing can be done about it! And no matter, how master mixes the pigment, in a couple of years the eyebrows will turn red! Only a few pigment lines have a stable color, over time retain a hue and loses only saturation. Such pigments fade and completely disappear after 2-3 years. And this important quality is inherent in my favorites – PUREBEAU pigments!

Everything else can be adjusted, you can work with the application density, change the stroke, depth, etc., but color errors and the wrong choice of pigment quality are unacceptable!

Simple color matching principles

Now only the lazy does not speak about color picking in permanent makeup. Moreover, the advices become more and more complex. Yes, the color theory exists. But this is not such a terrible monster that everyone is afraid of. There are basic principles, the rules for determining the skin tone and color basis of the pigment, secrets of their compatibility. When the master works for several years with the same pigments, she knows exactly what type of color to choose, and how it will look after healing. Each technician has favorite pigments to work with her eyes closed. And usually permanent makeup master does not often try new, but unverified pigments in a beautiful jar. And I want to tell about these favorites here.

In this article I’ll show my part of the Permanent Purebeau pigments palette and give clear instructions on the pigment selection for main types of faces and skin tones. There is no need to spend years and nerves experimenting yourself. The wheel is already invented!

Permanent makeup made with Purebeau pigments

Purebeau pigments in all their glory

In conversations with the colleagues at beauty exhibitions, I every time hear about the futile search for pigments that do not not turn bluish or reddish. We all want to find a pigment with an ideal composition and easy to work, so that we can make a beautiful makeup without thinking and not worrying about the result.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that there is no such universal formula and it is unlikely that it will be created sometime. And why? It is because in addition to the composition, dispersion, consistency and other main properties of the pigment itself, there is an important factor – the head and hands of the master who work with it. If everything was so simple, then the price of the procedure would be minimal. Just buy a the pigment and shade it thoughtlessly. But permanent makeup is a complex task. It is very exciting and interesting, but you can’t have a single work scheme. For each client you should consider a dozen determining factors and select a unique algorithm.

Chocolate shades

“Chocolate” shades

For example, you buy chocolate pigment for eyebrows on the recommendation of a colleague. Your store consultant promises 100% chocolate after healing. But the result is not quite the same or not at all what you need. And why? Firstly, in the understanding of everyone, “chocolate” color means one of many variations – bitter, milk, gray-chocolate, etc.

Secondly, on a cold and warm skin tone, any (!) pigment looks different.

Thirdly, you work in a certain manner, at a certain speed, at a certain depth and with a certain permanent makeup machine. And all this VERY affects the final result.

That is, ideally, when buying, you should have information on how to work with these pigments on different skin tones; with what speed and stroke length the pigment works well; the preferred option is to see a photo of fresh work after healing. Only then you will understand exactly what result you will get and what percentage of the output of this pigment.

You can find close to ideal permanent makeup pigments

Based on my practical experience, I recommend you Purebeau permanent makeup pigments. They do not change colors, are worn for 1-3 years and completely come out of the skin with time.

Purebeau Hicon pigments

  • unique creamy sorbitol texture;
  • reliably fixes the pigment in the upper layers of the skin and the result looks as natural as possible after healing;
  • composition: Propylene Glycol 25-32%, Isopropyl alcohol 15-25%, Glycerin 17-20%, Aqua dest 3-5%, Sorbitol 2-3,5%, Natrium  Chlorid 1-1,5%;
  • the pigment does not leak, splatter or drying during operation, it does not evaporate during storage;
  • do not cause allergic reactions;
  • absolutely predictable in healing and after it;
  • works well with anesthetic like mesonumb
  • due to the great viscosity and high density, they are economical (10 ml of pigment is enough for 25-30 procedures, the cost of the procedure is about $1-2);
  • pigments do not change shades and always give a predictable result!
  • hold in the upper layers of the skin for up to 3 years and completely come out of the skin, gradually losing brightness.

Technical aspects of using permanent pigments

Technically, the difference in styling with tattoo mixes is one – permanent makeup pigments need to be put denser. That is, the stroke is shorter and the strokes are closer to each other. Usually you need to make 3-4 passes.

Pigment density with different number of passes

Pigment density with different number of passes

Purebeau pigments do not splash out and do not flow, they lie just where you need. After the procedure, the pigments look quite bright, the yield is about 40-50%. You can easily achieve transparent and powdery results! There are pigments in the Purebeau palette that adapt to the mucous membrane of the lips, like chameleon. There are those that can decorate even the most transparent blonde, and you can find the pigment that lay with such a cherished tar-black color in between eyelashes.

Purebeau pigments after healing

Purebeau pigments after healing


Permanent eyebrow pigments for permanent makeup

At the beginning you can buy a basic set: six pigments to satisfy the wishes of almost all clients – from blonde to brunette! Eyebrow tattoo pigments can be bought in various volumes – 3ml and 10ml (about 10 and up to 30 procedures, respectively).  For each pigment there is a recommendation for use and a photo of the healed work. With these pigments you will be 100% sure that after a while clients will not come to you with blue or red eyebrows! The pigment wear period is from one to two years (depending on the client’s skin type and application density).

  • перманентный пигмент для светлых блондинок купить украина
  • темный пигмент для перманента бровей купить

Permanent Lip Pigments

With Purebeau permanent lip pigments, you can get very soft and natural, as well as bright saturated colors. The main thing is proportion of primary and secondary shades. I read comments in social networks where permanent makeup masters said that the pigment for the lips is not bright enough. The fact is, that in the Pyubo pigments there is a primary tone – the base, and a secondary – shade. Of course, if you apply only a secondary tone without a base, then practically nothing will remain. This is how to dye a brunette in a blonde and before that do not lighten her hair.

The basic primary pigment is almost always necessary, and with the help of shades, we can make the color deeper and more transparent. This is very convenient, because the base is initially denser and has an increased concentration of coloring particles. With its help, you can correct the errors of a natural color.

  • розово-красный пигмент для перманента губ купить пьюбо
  • лосоевый пигмент для перманента губ купить работы
  • карамельный пигмент для татуажа губ купть
  • пигмент для натурального татуажа губ бэби липс купить украина
  • пигменты для татуажа губ купить в украине
  • оранжевый пигмент для холодных синих губ купить
  • натуральный пигмент для татуажа губ купить

In addition, only a few clients have thin and invisible blood vessels in their lips, so that you can use a pink base. The rest, and especially with age, have noticeable  vessels that give a bluish tint. And in most cases you should cover the lips with a red-orange base in accordance with the color wheel. And only then with the help of secondary pigments can you give the desired shade. When working with Slavic clients, the use of an orange lip corrector is mandatory.

Pigments for eyelids permanent makeup

These are our favorites from the Purebeau shadow palette. Pigments with a perfect density that fit comfortably into the arrow and perfectly create veil shades. Purebeau eyelids pigments allow you to create a saturated color that is worn for 2-3 years and does not migrate to other colors.

  • угольно черный пигмент для перманентного макияжа век не синеет купить
  • смоляно-черный пигмент для татуажа век - стрелки и межресничка купить, не синеет
  • графитово-серый пигмент для растушевок перманентного татуажа век украина

Purebeau permanent pigments benefits

In addition to the discussed above characteristics that facilitate the work of the master, in my opinion, the main advantage is the ability to work “as if from scratch”. That is, if you made a makeup with a Purebeau pigments before, in few years the client will come to refresh or correct makeup, and you’ll work with her in the “blank sheet” format. You draw a new form, discuss the new color, fulfill any wishes. And at the same time, you do not delve into the bins of experience, remembering how to block the gray or red residue or how to remove low-quality pigment deposits from past procedures.

It seems like a dream, because now four out of 5 new clients come “with traces of pain”, which at first they tried to lighten or remove. Sometimes it takes more than one year. And then you need to struggle with the psychological trauma of the client to make her sure that now everything will be OK. And remember about the discomfort during the tattoo removal process.

What’s next? After all, at such a rate, if we use low-quality pigments, will will we meet “pure” faces? Let’s change something! Love the faces of your customers. It’s not a beautiful words, you need really care about what will happen to them in a year / two / three.

And financial aspect is steel important

Sometimes I hear that masters do not use permanent pigments because of they are pricey. We carried out a calculation and it turned out that on average 5-10 drops of Purebeau pigment (depending on the zone) are spent on the procedure, it is about €1-2. Is it expensive? Given the average cost of the procedure (about €200-400), its only 1-2% of the cost. I don’t think it’s expensive. So maybe you should not save on the beauty of customers and discredit the profession? Maybe you need to take a pigment designed to work on the face, tested and certified, with detailed selection instructions and which, after 1-3 years, will come out of the skin FULLY without migration to unwanted colors? And sleep soundly, without anticipating complaints and overlaps?

How long do pigments hold in the skin?

There is an important concept in business – returnability. That describes how often new customer come for your services again. Let’s talk about the returnability in permanent makeup. In my opinion, it’s more important than pigment lifetime. Most of my clients, even those who want to wear permanent makeup all their lives, ask me to make a permanent, which will last no more than a year or two. We are girls, we change the hair color, we need to correct the eyebrows. Today we like “caramel lips”, later we want to add pink roses. And again, no one canceled age-related changes. So you have to change the techniques, forms, mix colors.

For the good master, the financial aspect of frequent returns is absolutely transparent – in a couple of years she will develop a customer base and that’s it, periodically make them beauties. What could be better than regular regularly returned customers, to which I got stuck with my soul. So, there are pluses for the master, and for the client. Isn’t it?

I am against experiments on faces, so both I and the RUDKO ARTLINE center masters choose SAFE WORK!

If you plan to try Purebeau pigments – join the professional telegram chat (it’s mostly on Ukrainian and Russian, but we also speak English) – share the experience with colleagues and get answers to your questions. https://t.me/purebeau


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