FibroBlast – instant non surgical face lift

FibroBlast – instant non surgical face lift

At the beginning of the year, the Purebeau brand took a step towards a unique holistic concept of the perfection of natural beauty – created and presented a revolutionary device for instant lifting, which caused unprecedented excitement in Europe!

We all know that permanent makeup in the skillful hands of a master is capable of performing miracles. Purebeau worked a lot for this. They’ve developed high-power devices and the most predictable sorbitol pigments for natural permanent makeup. But, fortunately, Purebeau doesn’t stop there!

All Permanent makeup artists often have to deal with an anti-aging goals. And indeed, adding brightness to the face and using the rules of makeup in the work, we made the client visually younger up to 5-8 years. Now the master becomes literally omnipotent – with the help of the new Fibroblast apparatus he can instantly rejuvenate the skin of any area of ​​the face!

фибробласт в украине, аналог блефаропластике

Принцип действия аппарата FibroBlast

Это не мезотерапия, не ботокс и не лазер. Речь идет о передовой аппаратной технологии воздействия на определенные клетки – фибробласты, которые ответственны за  синтез в коже коллагена и эластина.  А именно о стимуляции сокращения кожных волокон через так называемую “плазменную вспышку”. Эта вспышка производится манипулой  с маленьким наконечником – поверхностно на коже в крошечной точке, которая стягивает кожу в радиусе нескольких миллиметров. Такие вспышки располагаются специальным образом – по схеме сетки, что дает возможность получить потрясающий и мгновенный лифтинг-эффект.

пьюбо фибробласт украина

How does it work?

The Fibroblast device underwent three-year clinical testing in Germany, which confirmed the absolute safety and effectiveness of the procedure. In just 30 minutes, the client is literally getting younger! Initially, this device was used to correct the overhanging upper eyelid as a great alternative to blepharoplasty. Now it is also successfully used to correct nasolabial folds, small wrinkles around the eyes: crow’s feet, neck and oval faces. Agree, plastic surgeons should be worried. After all, you can now become younger without surgery, without pain, without risk and without a long recovery period.

процедура фибробласт

Before the procedure master uses application anesthesia and the client does not feel even the slightest discomfort! Traces of the procedure (points on the skin) – are easily masked with a special restorative cream with a tinting effect. They heal and disappear in no more than a week. The procedure does not require special preparation and specific care. And contraindications to its implementation are only pregnancy and cancer in the acute stage.

The effect that the master achieves during the procedure is VERY STABLE! It persists for 2-3 years – until the moment when the skin under the influence of age-related processes does not lose its elasticity again. It is permissible to go through up to 5 procedures per year (6 weeks should elapse between procedures), so even in especially advanced cases, you can achieve amazing rejuvenation!

This procedure is a real panacea for those who have a problem of the impending century, but can not be solved for radical surgical interventions. Fibroblast instantly solves this problem, guaranteeing an amazing lifting effect! And now a little about the results. This is how the work looks a few days after the procedure. See how the upper eyelid lifted noticeably!

веко после 1 процдуры фибробласта

Healing correction of the upper eyelid and facial wrinkles:

до и после аппарата фибробласт

Before, immediately after and during healing:

сразу после фибробласт
мгновенный лифтинг киев
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