For clients: why without tattoo removal procedure perfect permanent makeup correction is not always possible

For clients: why without tattoo removal procedure perfect permanent makeup correction is not always possible

Analyzing our own experience at RUDKO ArtLine studio and communicating with colleagues, I noticed a more than frightening trend. From 10 to 60 (!!!) percent of customers come to us in order to fix low-quality permanent makeup, microblading or tattoo. For such customers, we will explain some technical points in this article.

  • Often this is a consequence of the master’s desire to save on the quality of pigments or equipment and a similar desire on the part of the client. High-quality pigment cannot cost a penny, just as the procedure itself cannot be practically free. This has been said many times. Most of the procedures carried out in our center are a correction for relatively fresh microblading with deep scars on the skin.
  • Many clients come to us after other masters with a permanent make-up, which is more likely to be called a tattoo. This low-quality makeup often turns bluish, reddish, green or purple.
  • In a third type are girls who are not satisfied with the form or technique and want a modern, natural and “airy” permanent makeup.
  • The most severe cases happen, looking at which, the desire to save the girl is as great as the desire to tear off the hands of the master, who mutilated her.
  • In the most unpleasant cases, the desire to save the girl is as great as the desire to tear off the hands of the master, who mutilated her.

As you can see, a lot of reasons lead to us customers who are begging for help. They look at the masters as wizards capable of correcting the mistakes, sometimes monstrous, in one procedure. But even with a wide experience of corrections, it is far from always possible to help at a time with a wave of magic manipula. And now I would like to clarify in which cases it is possible to fix the old makeup, and in which – you must go through the tattoo removal procedure.

Fixing unsuccessful microblading

жертвы микроблейдинга

Victims of low-quality microblading

As you can see in the photo, in addition to the blurry “fat” hairs, the skin is often injured a lot and scars formed. In this case, we begin the correction with a laser removal. The laser in most cases quick and successfully removes the dark pigment, so we maximally lighten the unsuccessful “hairs”. After complete skin healing, about a month after the last removal we make a new procedure and create a harmonious and natural eyebrow shape. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of work on scars and inform the client about the high risk of full or partial release of pigment on fibrosis.

Correction of too dense low-quality tattoo


Unnatural dense pigment layer

As a rule, these clients have already done several procedures or even several overlaps. The pigment is laid so deep and so tight that it looks like a marker drawing. As you understand, it’s not possible to make powder permanent make-up on top as girls want! Imagine if you went to bed without washing off your makeup, in the morning you applied a new one on top of the old one, and you didn’t wash it off again. Even on the second day, cosmetics will turn into dirt. The same is true for permanent make-up. To create something new, you need to remove the old pigment.

An overlapping with a permanent make-up for such a client is a crime! Use laser or a remover, lighten the tattoo and then look at the situation. Both the maser and client should be patient, we don’t have a magic eraser, and skin is not paper.

“Double tattoo” correction


“Double-form tattoo”

In cases where there is a double form of a tattoo, and a densely embedded pigment, and a migration pigment in an undesirable shade.

Tattoo correction without removal


If the permanent makeup or even the tattoo are old, it is possible to start overlapping without removal procedure. In these cases the pigment has almost come out, and the shape of the tattoo does not need to be changed. Or it seems possible without additional procedures. We warn such clients that as a rule, the subsequent one or several corrections will be needed to achieve the desired result.

To dispel the most common fear of pain of laser tattoo removal, we suggest watching a video below. There are no pain, no blood and scars, the effect is instant. The pigment is destroyed by a laser beam and excreted through the lymph. And it is safe!


To begin the process of working on your problem, we need not only the experience and knowledge of color, but also your patience and trust! Without them, no procedure will end successfully!!! For the hundredth time I will repeat that correcting a tattoo and permanent makeup can be difficult, long and expensive! Therefore, initially choose the master responsibly!

Sincerely yours, Viktoriya Rudko

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