Volumetric lips permanent makeup: the author's technique of Viktoriya Rudko

Pearl lips lip permanent makeup technique: smooth color transition and visual volume

Fashion is a changeable thing. New trends and fresh tendencies appear every season. But there is something that always remains relevant. In make-up, this is the maximum naturalness. Bold eyebrows and a noticeable lip contour have sunk into oblivion long ago. An inconspicuous make-up, which only emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman, has been popular for years and it seems, that it has taken a top position for a long time. The same trend can be seen in permanent.

How do we imagine perfect lips? Delicate, slightly plump, as if kissed up, of an even natural color. This is what ideal lips should look like from the point of view of men. If we are talking about eyebrows, then most of women want to see not clear lines, but a delicate powdery look. But from nature, unfortunately, not every girl receive such a generous gift. But we all want to look attractive and catch the admiring glances of the strong half of humanity every day! Thanks to modern cosmetology and Victoria Rudko’s original technique, Pearl lips are now possible! And it is not only possible, but also available for every girl.

The technique of smooth color transition in Pearl lips permanent makeup

To make it clearer, I propose to bethink what a pearl looks like. This is the creation of nature with a smooth transition of shades from one to another. The special natural technology of layer-by-layer spraying creates an enchanting effect of color flow. Falling on the surface of the pearl, the light scatters into thousands of shimmering highlights, making the appearance of jewelry – expensive and inviting. The same effect we want to achieve in permanent makeup. Thanks to certain techniques, the color of the pigment is not applied as usual, but gradually brightens from the contour to the middle. The lips become like a delicate pink pearl. They are juicy, but not sharp along the contour and gentle, natural with an even tone over the entire surface. A pleasant nuance for the client will also be that the smooth flow of color will visually make the lips more voluminous. Speaking of eyebrows, “Pearl” technology creates the effect of light shadow shading.


Everything looks as natural as possible: lips and eyebrows acquire the correct shape and a richer shade. Two in one – not flashy, but at the same time perfect.

Technical features of the procedure

Pearl lips technology has fundamental technical differences from conventional permanent makeup. Special multi-prong needles are used, which allow you to achieve a beautiful natural shading. To create a smooth transition, you will also need several pigments – on average, about three shades of the same color.

The master achieves the most smooth transition by mixing them, and also uses a special liquid that reduces the hiding power of the pigment. The work is practically jewelry, since during the procedure, the beautician must not only apply different shades, but also determine the necessary boundaries during their transitions.

This is complicated by the fact that during the procedure lymph rises to the surface of the skin and temporarily makes the color of the pigment brighter. It is important to predict how the pigment will behave after the healing of the tattoo and what density of coverage will give an ideal result. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and it is likely that further additional correction will be needed.

For the client, the difference in the process of the Pearl lips permanent make-up method is practically invisible. First, the eyebrows or lips are thoroughly cleansed of make-up, after which application anesthesia is applied. The anesthetic is kept on the skin for literally 5-10 minutes and the master proceeds directly to the procedure. The volumetric tattooing procedure performed by an experienced master takes about 30 minutes, excluding anesthesia.

пухлые губы татуаж

видео заживший татуаж губ рудько пигменты пьюбо рокси

Сочные губки зажившие спустя месяц перед коррекцией

Preparation for the procedure and aftercare

Regardless of the tattoo technology, the process of preparing for the procedure and caring for the permanent makeup in the first days after the procedure remain the same.

  1. Choose the time for the procedure so that in the next 2-3 days (the time for the formation of not quite aesthetic crusts) you can stay at home.
  2. Check out the contraindications.
  3. If you often have herpes recurrences, the master will prescribe you a preliminary prophylactic intake of antiviral drugs.
  4. Bring your favorite eyebrow pencil or lipstick with you so that the beautician can choose the right pigment color.
  5. Be sure to follow all the beautician recommendations after the procedure. The result also largely depends on your diligence. Do not visit the bathhouse, sauna, do not sunbathe in the first few weeks. Use the prescribed healing ointments, do not peel off the formed crusts.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is important to remember that any cosmetic procedure has both indications and strict prohibitions for its implementation. Your health primarily depends on this, so do not ignore the following information.

If you have a history of systemic skin diseases – psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, you will have to abandon the procedure. Tattooing is not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Permanent makeup is strictly prohibited for people with blood diseases, diabetes, cancer, as well as for colds accompanied by high body temperature.

We wish you only amazing results and, of course, unrivaled beauty!

Best regards, Viktoriya Rudko

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