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Permanent makeup (PM) gives you the opportunity to work, exercise, dance and wake up in the morning with beautiful lips, perfect eyebrow shape and excellent eyeliner. Nothing will stop progress, including this most important invention in the modern beauty industry. In the hands of an experienced practitioner and in a salon that complies with aseptic requirements, the procedure is generally safe. However, with the growth of the permanent makeup industry, there are many unskilled masters on the market. Like any procedure involving intervention in the the skin integrity, PM is also associated with some contraindications and risks.

Fashion is a changeable thing. New trends and fresh tendencies appear every season. But there is something that always remains relevant. In make-up, this is the maximum naturalness. Bold eyebrows and a noticeable lip contour have sunk into oblivion long ago. An inconspicuous make-up, which only emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman, has been popular for years and it seems, that it has taken a top position for a long time. The same trend can be seen in permanent.

The portfolio is extremely important for permanent makeup artist. Having looked at the master’s works, the client decides whether to be a procedure or not to be. And these are not empty words. Recently, we've conducted an open survey to figure out which factor most affects the choice of a the client. In the photo below you can see the result - customers have become more legible, they no longer want to be "cheaper", but crave "beautiful", "natural" and "high-quality" work! And this is pleasing, as it will obviously lead to a decrease in the number of unnatural and unsuccessful permanent makeup. Therefore, the portfolio of any master should increase customer confidence as much as possible. We will discuss today how to achieve this.