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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup is cosmetics technique of placing hypoallergenic color pigments into the top layer of skin

Permanent Makeup or cosmetic tattooing is revolutionizing technique in the world of cosmetics. Hypoallergenic color pigments are placed into the top layer of skin. They depose with a state-of-the art cosmetic machine between the epidermis and dermis into the thin melanin layer which determines the color of your skin.

A variety of color combinations are available and custom blending is also available to suit any need. We will guide you in determining what shades will compliment your skin type, coloring, and facial features in order to achieve the look that you desire. All colors are subject to change depending on your own skin’s reaction.

This procedure has been employed by models, actors, and entertainers as a means of enhancing their appearance. Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawcett, and Dolly Parton are just a few of the celebrities that have chosen to have cosmetic tattooing procedures.

Women with little time to spare, athletes, those who have allergies to conventional cosmetics, people who have loss of facial hair, and those who have difficulty applying makeup are among the many choosing this alternative to conventional makeup. Furthermore, you will find that permanent makeup looks more natural than the shiny, waxy, appearance of topical makeup and no one will be able to tell that it is permanent. You will no longer have to worry about smudging, reapplying, or being caught with a “naked face”. Permanent makeup allows you to save money, time,  and look perfect 24/7. The best part is the sense of personal freedom that comes with not having to worry about the state of your makeup. Ask us for references and you will see how women love their permanent makeup!

Q: Who benefits from Permanent Makeup?

The question should be “Who doesn’t benefit?” From the young to the elderly, who desire full even brows, outlined eyes, Rosy shapely line lips that will never smear, smudge or run!

Permanent makeup is for those who don’t have time to put on their makeup, who are active in daily sports like swimming, tennis, biking, aerobics and those who have physical impairments such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, strokes, unsteady hand movements, Alopecia, Vision problems and those who are allergic to conventional makeup.

Many of my clients have over plucked their brows, others have lost eyebrow hair due to hypothyroidism or natural thinning. Failing eyesight sometimes creates difficulty in makeup application. Many women find they are fed up with makeup that smudges all the time and wish to be free of daily makeup sessions. Most of my clients are ordinary women who hope to enhance their natural features and look their best all the time.

Just for fun, I decided to run the numbers. If a person spends just three minutes a day applying makeup, that equals 18.5 hours per year. Over a five year period, that’s 92.5 hours. How much is your time worth to you? If you add in the cost of traditional cosmetics, the cost is even higher. I have not applied lipstick or liner for two years!

Q: Is Permanent Makeup painful?

We do our best to minimize any discomfort with the use of topical anesthetics. Sensations range from a tickle to a burning feeling depending on your individual tolerance. Many clients tell me their initial hesitation about permanent makeup was their fear that it would hurt. If I ask what their rating of discomfort is for the entire procedure (from 1 to 10), I invariably get a rating between 1 and 3. If you are particularly sensitive I slow down the entire procedure by giving the topicals more time to work.

Q: Is Permanent Makeup really permanent?

pigments for tattooing

The pigment remain under the dermal layer of the skin but it will lighten considerably over the years. Avoiding sun exposure and applying sun screen help prevent fading. We use the finest cosmetic colored pigments which works from a 3 to 5 years

Yes and No. Permanent Makeup will remain under the dermal layer of the skin but will lighten considerably over the years becoming faintly recognizable unless a touch up is performed. The colors are very blend able and changeable should you wish to change the look. Avoiding sun exposure and applying sun screen of SPF 15 or greater to the pigmented areas should help prevent fading. You should avoid anti-aging skin products and chemical peels to the areas treated due to the premature sloughing of the skin layers that contain the pigment. If you care for your skin, your permanent makeup should continue to look beautiful for many years to come.

Q: How long does Permanent Makeup last?

Any pigment fade with time. Sun exposure, skin type, and the colors applied to your skin, are all factors in how soon a re-touch will be needed. Our permanent makeup artist uses the finest cosmetic colored pigments and they will soften in color over a 3 to 5 year  period. Permanent cosmetics will fade gradually and you may want a touch up after a few years and perhaps every year at a greatly reduced price. It does not last as long as other tattoos because the pigment qualities are uniquely formulated for facial procedures and the face is more highly exposed to elements and procedures such as sun, cosmetics, washing, etc.

Permanent makeup seems more dense than desirable after procedure and fades during healing

The healing time varies from 5 to 7 days. The pigment seems more dense than desirable after procedure and fades during healing

Q: Is it safe?

Pigments used are inert substances, which have been used in tattooing and makeup for many years. Strict requirements are followed and needle cartridges are individually packaged, disposable, and sterile. I have not had one case of infection in my 14 years of practice. You can be assured that all procedures will be performed in a sterile environment.

Q: Should I wear makeup to my first appointment?

If you choose to have the permanent makeup applied as you wear your makeup, this is a good idea. With my extensive art and design background, I can also help you with color and design to enhance your individual beauty.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

From 30 minutes up to 3 hours, depending on the procedure. Most of that time is spent on choosing colors, design, and allowing topical anesthetics to work on the skin. My attention to detail requires that the work is not rushed. After four to six weeks of healing time you come back for a touch-up appointment to even out the color or to add a little more color if you wish.

Q: What is the recovery time?

The healing time varies from approximately five to seven days. Right after the application you may have a little swelling and/or redness, but it subsides quickly. During the healing, the color tends to be a little more vivid than it will eventually become, but not so much that you would have to actually change your normal routine.

For the first few days, you may look like you are wearing your makeup a little heavier than usual. Some faint puffiness or redness may occur. Lips will take longer to appear “normal.”

Permanent Makeup - Frequently asked questions
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Permanent Makeup - Frequently asked questions
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