Basic training in RudkoArtline permanent make-up academy
Completely remastered</br><span class=practical permanent makeup course!" />

Completely remastered
practical permanent makeup course!

12 days and you are a practicing specialist!

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Want to learn a modern and highly paid occupation?

Take courses from TOP masters Victoria and Kristina Rudko, and after 2 weeks you will be able to work with your own clients!


Our course is unique: it consists of 12 lessons (5 preparatory remote classes and 7 days of practical lessons)


Training takes place in a modern training center with safe pigments, which are not able to harm the client, and on the latest generation equipment made in Germany


The course program is thought out to the smallest detail – clear timing, classes on models in mini groups, the most individual approach. We are taking into account the cognitive pace of each student


We give a complete baggage of knowledge and skills necessary for confident independent work in a makeup center. You’ll also be able to choose and buy equipment for your new business


Upon completion of training issued Pyubo Academy Diploma (Germany), internationally recognized worldwide


Unlimited informational support after the course – you are in touch with the coaches 24/7

Skill level of our graduates

You will work the same way without puzzling over complex mixes

Работы учениц (новое базовое обучение) – 05
Работы учениц (новое базовое обучение) – 04
Работы учениц (новое базовое обучение) – 03
Работы учениц (новое базовое обучение) – 02
Работы учениц (новое базовое обучение) – 01

After the course you will be able to:


Draw a harmonious sketch of any zone in 10 minutes according to our unique author’s scheme


Make “aerial” eyebrows in technicians powder spraying and ombre (gradient)velvet inter-eyelash, which are don’t turn bluish with time


Make delicate “aquarelle” natural and juicy lips without putty effect


Work safely in the most popular techniques – satisfy 90% of customer requests


“With eyes closed” select the pigment tone for the client’s type, create unmistakable luxurious shades


Understand how to work with old permanent makeup — whether overlap will help or if removal is necessary. You’ll also be able to choose removal technique


How to make beautiful photo of your work. We’ll teach you to create smart and modern portfolio


Present yourself as a unique master in social networks, correctly register and maintain an account on Instagram.

RUDKO Artline Coaches

TWO international level coaches, certified by the Worldwide recognised Purebeau Academy, perform the training process, prompt, explain and inspire confidence in you! 

Viktoriya Rudko 

High-level permanent makeup master with work experience over 17 years, judge of international championships, speaker of numerous specialized conferences, workshops and congresses in Europe, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

Kristina Rudko

master-colorist TM PUREBEAU with work experience over 15 years, winner of the international creative contest in the nomination “For subtlety and grace of lines”, speaker of dozens of conferences and non-stop demonstrations.

Are you still choosing a school? Choose trainers and students according to the healing work!

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We provide each student with:

Practical training on latex, volumetric mockups and EIGHT models

Online lessons, abstracts and a complete set of course videos

-20% discount on hotel accommodation near the training center

Certificate of the Purebeau Academy international network

We help you to choose equipment and consumables for a minimum starting set

Installment prices for the course and equipment from 3 to 12 months

students trained
Courses сompleted
countries in which our students work

RUDKO Artline Student’s Reviews

Olga Kuptsova

Country Russia

They say the truth: if you want to learn something well, learn from the best! I were looking closely for a long time and deciding where to go to study, to which master, to which studio? And now without exaggeration I can say that Rudko Artline is the best academy! The training is at the highest level! The atmosphere of comfort and beauty at the academy contributes to internal motivation! Everything is clear, competent, consistent, extremely clear and most importantly – with the soul! This is what one dreams of and what one wants to strive for! Just aerobatics! Viktoriya and Christina – you are the best! A deep bow to the entire Rudko Artline team from grateful students!

Diana Videkhina

Country Ukraine

I had no doubt that Rudko Artline is the best school! But in any school, not depending on its level and status, the most important are the teachers who know how to present, explain, and inspire their students! And I can say with confidence that Viktoriya and Kristina are high-level professionals! These are positive, kind and unrealistically hospitable girls! The best teachers you could imagine ♥ ️:) The training went in one breath, at comfortable, warm atmosphere and with delicious coffee)) But the main thing is that there was no fear in practice, their support was felt all the time) Viktoria and Kristina, thanks, I’m very grateful for sharing your invaluable experience in an accessible way and for charging the atmosphere with positive. I have never had so many cool photos and videos in one week))) And most importantly, I’m working boldly and there’s no fear, thanks to you) I remember learning with a smile, and I’ll definitely come again for individual course! I miss you already!
Thank you very much for everything ♥

Daria Tkachuk

Country Ukraine

I want to say thanks for your experience, knowledge base, good mood and positive!

Our training was held in one breath, it’s only a pity that it was so short 🙁 I didn’t want to part with you, Viktoriya and Kristina! I want to pay special attention to the situation and attitude to us and to models, the highest level of tolerance and attention to everyone. I’m not even talking about the quality of pigments and equipment that can be expressed in one word LUX! Hugs and kisses!!!


Country: Germany

First of all, I want to thank the teachers for their clear and easy lectures, professionalism and of course, love for their work!
A couple of years ago, I already went through permanent makeup basic training in Kharkov and in Germany. The schools were pretty wide-known, but not so good in comparison to basic course in the Rudko studio. After Kharkov school, have been remained the fear of working on people’s faces and uncertainty in my abilities and what I was doing … So I decided to go back to basic education. I chose the school very responsibly. I was not embarrassed by the fact that I had to go study from Germany to Kiev! And I was right! The trainers present the information easily and interestingly, pay great attention to each student and control his every step. It gives confidence in what you are doing! After training, I went out as a highly qualified specialist and with this wealth of knowledge I can work in Germany. So if you are still in doubt about choosing a school, then you should go to RudkoArtline studio!

Irina Lazareva

Country: Ukraine

I went to this course with the hope to achieve SIGNIFICANT changes in my life! I always watched and envied the people who are engaged in their FAVORITE business! I myself was constantly afraid of something to change, to leave the familiar and comfortable zone of comfort. But when I saw the work of Viktoriya Rudko, I was haunted by the idea of ​​getting into the procedure of the permanent eyelash makeup!!)) I had the opportunity to complete the basic course on permanent makeup with Masters with a capital letter – Viktoriya and Kristina Rudko. I admire their skill, professionalism and ability to share their knowledge with us. Our lessons were rich, informative, unforgettable!

I am extremely happy that everything turned out that way!!! Do not be afraid of change!!! I advise the Center for Permanent Makeup Victoria Rudko!!!

Tatyana Teterina

Country: Netherlands

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the whole Rudko Artline team for the unique opportunity to receive training at your school. It was an unforgettable seven days of training. Theory, practice – all this is harmoniously connected with each other. Working out on paper, on rugs and finally on models…. With your help, we felt confidence in our hands. And those practical video materials that we stocked up will be of great help to us for a long time to come. Everything is very clear, concise and understandable. Available even to a person who has not previously worked in the field of beauty, like me. This is the key to success! From the first day of class, we felt a warm, homely atmosphere in your salon, there were no stiffness and insecurity. You patiently answered all our questions, which we could ask, sometimes several times the same thing. Thank you very much for the fact that after the course you do not leave us, that we can be in touch on any emerging non-standard situations. You give us the opportunity to become confident on our feet and be masters of PM with a capital letter like you, Viktoriya and Christina.

Irma Balzer

Country: Germany

Today is the fifth day of our course. We’ve studied inter-eyelash PM, my client left very beautiful, and I feel a huge sense of happiness. I already took a two-day course in Germany, but I didn’t have the feelings that I have here, because for the first time I was not taught all necessary. Viktoriya and Kristina Rudko are fairies of their craft. It is high quality training, with an individual approach to each of us, girls students. They not only provide complete information on training, but put in our hands a profession that gives us great pleasure and aesthetic delight for our clients. I am very grateful to Viktoriya and Christina for their patience and love for us, for the sincerity and fabulous work. I can only recommend Rudko Artline to everyone for training and professional growth. Thanks a lot!!!

BONUSES from RUDKO Artline

Marketing course for the permanent makeup master

Client psychology and objection handling techniques

MASTER CLASS of tattoo removal with laser and remover

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Who is the basic course for?
  1.  If you want to get high quality training and start an independent practice after the course – it is for you!
  2.  If you plan to learn a profession and work abroad – it is for you. We issue a worldwide recognized diploma!
  3.  If you have already completed training, but realized that you didn’t understand anything, or because of a lack of practice you lost your skills, it is for you
  4.  If you outgrew your previous beauty profession and want some dynamics – it is for you! In addition, you have a huge plus – an accumulated customer base!
  5.  If you want to radically change your life and engage in an interesting and profitable business – it is for you! In our groups we have accountants, financiers, and economists!
  6.  If you have a medical education, do makeup, eyelash or nail extensions and want to grow – this course is for you!
Daily course content

Day 1 – the structure and types of skin, the behavior of pigment in the skin, the stages of skin regeneration, dermatology in the PM, aftercare for the PM area, aseptic and antiseptic, disinfection, safety and hygiene procedures, anesthetics, allergic reactions. WORKSHOP. Working out the stroke on the easels with the right setting of the hand

Day 2 – tattoo coloring, pigmentology, apparatus market overview (test drive of popular models), needles and modules, client types and approaches to working with each. PRACTICE. Makeup. Practicing stroke techniques on latex and volumetric mock-ups (with arm positioning)

Day 3 – Eyebrows. Demonstration. Work on models in mini-groups. Discussing mistakes

Day 4 – Eyebrows. Demonstration. Work on models in mini-groups. Discussing mistakes

Day 5 – Eyeliner permanent makeup. Demonstration. Work on models in mini-groups. Discussing mistakes

Day 6 – Lips. Demonstration. Testing on models in mini-groups. Discussing mistakes

Day 7 – Marketing block. Psychology of communication with the client. Demonstration master class of tattoo removal with laser and remover. Questions / Answers. Coloring line of the Purebeau line. Choosing equipment and consumables for starter kits. Graduation

What pigments do you use in training and why?

We use safe and high-quality permanent pigments by Purebeau (Germany). They are PERFECT for beginners due to their properties

  1. The simplest color line – no mixes, proportions or miscalculations! Delicious colors + detailed selection instructions from practicing colorists
  2. The pigments will forgive you any mistake (look natural after heal, completely come out of the skin and are easily removed if necessary)
  3. The result is always a soft powdery effect
  4. You are 100% sure of color stability during healing and for a year or two after. They do not go bluish or greenish over time, but simply “wash off”
  5. EU certification is a guarantee of absolute harmlessness of the composition of the pigment. This means that you are confident that the health of your customers is in complete safety!
  6. With Purebeau pigments we are confident in the excellent results of our graduates independent work!
Is it possible to buy in your center pigments and everything I need to begin my work ?

Oh sure. Trainers will help you collect the minimum starting set for any budget. On the course there will be a test drive of popular permanent makeup machines and you can make an informed choice of the device. Pigments and anesthetics are also always available in any volume and pack.

But what if I fail?

Your doubts are absolutely normal. But you can fail only if there are problems with color perception (color blindness) or hand tremor. In all other cases, you only need some desire and work hard. We will teach everything needed in the Basic Course – from the stroke technique and marketing questions to the intricacies of communicating with customers.