HONKON MV 12 Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal Machine


Basic set:

  • MV 12 machine;
  • 1064nm wavelength cap is used to remove black and blue pigment tattoos and permanent makeup;
  • 532nm wavelength cap is used to remove color tattoos.


  • technology: Q-Switch, Yag-nd
  • pilot beam
  • pulse length 4-6 ns
  • crystal size: 5mm x 5mm x 5mm
  • lifetime: 10,000,000 pulses
  • cooling: air-water
  • case material: metal
  • service life – 7-10 years

The MV 12 neodymium laser has water and semiconductor cooling of the device, which makes it possible to work continuously up to eight hours. The laser interface is very simple, which allows quick training on the device.

In addition, with the help of a neodymium laser, a number of other cosmetic services can be performed:

  • Laser carbon skin peeling;
  • Smoothing out fine wrinkles;
  • Alignment and improvement of skin color;
  • Nail fungus treatment;
  • Removal of vascular defects.


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HONKON MV 12 neodymium laser is by far the most powerful permanent makeup  and tattoo removal machine. This is a 6th generation laser!

The device implements a system of 2 neodymium crystals, which, when paired, amplify the laser pulse several times, which allows you to remove even the most old, deep and complex tattoos.

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