Lip pigment for permanent makeup - Purebeau Roxy, 10ml / 3ml

Lip pigment for permanent makeup – Purebeau Roxy, 10ml / 3ml



Dense berry pigment for bright, juicy lips permanent makeup!

Composition: Propylene Glycol 25-32%, Isopropyl alcohol 15-25%, Glycerin 17-20%, Aqua dest 3-5%, Sorbitol 2-3.5%, Natrium Chlorid 1-1.5%

Group: organic sorbitol

ABSOLUTELY Predictable in healing and after it!

The cost of the procedure is about $ 2

💋 Purebeau pigments are manufactured specially for permanent makeup! And this means that after 2-3 years they will completely come out of the skin (without spots, pieces and traces of white!).
💋 If you work in a clean base tone to get the desired color density it’s enough to perform just 3 passages!
💋 The pigment become more evenly spreaded and more natural every day!

Volume: 10ml / 3ml, convenient pipette


Purebeau Kiss – a basic, dense red-pink pigment

  • The pigments for lip permanent makeup by Purebeau looks as naturally as possible. With them you can achieve both an aquarelle result and a fairly intense fondant coloring. It all depends on the density of the pigment you place into the skin
  • In the lipstick palette there are BASIC and TINT paints. The basic ones are able to block irregularities in the tone of the lips, depigmentation areas, camouflage excessive cyanosis especially in aged clients) and they must be used necessarily in most of cases! Tint pigments are less dense and are able only to give a certain shade to the lips. They are applied exclusively to the base tone, visually make it deeper, more transparent – they are used as desired.
  • When working with Pyubo lip tinting pigments, use the dense coloring technique
  • We recommend that you make a lip tattoo correction as an obligatory step. Subject to the introduction of pigment in two stages with a month interval. In a such way you tighten the color and prolong the time of wearing!
  • The best care we recommend to clients is lack of care. They just shouldn’t scratch the lips and maximum pigment remains in the skin. For more comfortable healing, we recommend using special Purebeau care products.


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    10 мл, 3 мл

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