Purebeau Alabaster – сorrector for сamouflage and lip light, 10ml / 3ml



Composition: Propylene Glycol 25-32%, Isopropyl alcohol 15-25%, Glycerin 17-20%, Aqua dest 3-5%, Sorbitol 2-3,5%, Natrium  Chlorid 1-1,5%

Organic sorbitol permanent makeup pigments.

ABSOLUTELY predictable in both work and wear!

Volume: 10ml / 3ml, convenient pipette

Shelf life: with proper storage up to 10 years

TELEGRAM CHAT about Purebeau pigments: https://t.me/purebeau 



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  • unique creamy sorbitol texture holds the pigment in the upper layers of the skin, so the result looks absolutely natural
  • the pigment does not spread, does not spray and does not dry in operation, does not evaporate during storage
  • does not cause allergic reactions
  • does not contain preservatives, iron oxide
  • economically consumed due to its viscosity and high density are
  • do not produce gradation in other shades, resistant to discoloration
  • holds in the upper layers of the skin up to 2 years and excrete naturally, gradually losing brightness
  • All pigments are under strict manufacturer control and meet the highest European standards.

*** 10 ml of pigment is enough for 20-25 procedures

Additional Information

10 мл, 3 мл

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