Purebeau Orange: eyebrows permanent pigment by Purebeau

Purebeau Orange eyebrows permanent pigment by Purebeau



Composition: Propylene Glycol 25-32%, Isopropyl alcohol 15-25%, Glycerin 17-20%, Aqua dest 3-5%, Sorbitol 2-3,5%, Natrium  Chlorid 1-1,5%

Organic sorbitol permanent makeup pigments.

ABSOLUTELY predictable in both work and wear!

Volume: 10ml / 3ml, convenient pipette

Shelf life: with proper storage up to 10 years

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    Orange pigment used to lighten eyebrows and lips that are pigmented with violet, blue or black tones. The pigment is used on clients who have their eyebrows permanent makeup or even tattoo and who do not want the laser to erase and prefer only to lighten the color.

    • Permanent makeup pigments that looks great during and after healing.
    • It’s important to understand that if you want to achieve 100% pigment residue in the skin during healing, you need to add 130% pigment to the skin
    • Thanks to viscosity and high density it’s very economically consumed
    • Holds in the upper layers of the skin up to 2 years and are excreted naturally, gradually losing color density
    • All Purebeau pigments are subject to strict manufacturer control and meet the highest European standards.
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    10 мл

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