Purebeau Renegade permanent eyebrow pigment - intense gray-chocolate

Purebeau Renegade 10 ml / 3ml Permanent Pigment for Eyebrows



Rich chocolate pigment for eyebrows. Works for any skin tone. The intensity and brightness of the color will depend on the technique and density of placing in the skin


Composition: Propylene Glycol 25-32%, Isopropyl alcohol 15-25%, Glycerin 17-20%, Aqua dest 3-5%, Sorbitol 2-3,5%, Natrium  Chlorid 1-1,5%

  • With it you don’t afraid of blue eyebrows and other unpleasant surprises!
  • The consistency of the colors is creamy, they do not splatter, do not spread, but are conveniently stacked. And yes, they are very economically consumed (according to our estimates, about 10 drops – $ 2 per procedure)
  • In practice you need at least 5 basic pigments for all types of clients + heater for cold skin tone.

ABSOLUTELY predictable in both work and wear!

Volume: 10ml / 3ml, convenient pipette

Shelf life: with proper storage up to 10 years


TELEGRAM CHAT about Purebeau pigments: https://t.me/purebeau 



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    Additional info

    • Permanent makeup pigments that looks great during and after healing.
    • With them, you can achieve both light and velvet haze, and a fairly intense dense result. It all depends on the density of the work.
    • It’s important to understand that if you want to achieve 100% pigment residue in the skin during healing, you need to add 130% pigment to the skin
    • We also recommend that you do not try to make the maximum density in the first procedure. This is the so-called “test-fitting”, let the skin heal and get the ideal result on correction.
    • Placing the pigment in 2 stages with with an interval of a month, you tighten the color and extend the term of its wear!
    • Use caution when handling dry aged skin. It absorbs pigment like a sponge. In these case, it is better not to focus on brightness from the first procedure.
    • Porous and oily skin require the most dense styling and warming
    • Most clients of the Slavic type have a cold skin tint, pigments often need to be warmed up for correction. For the Purebeau line, the ideal pigment for warming the color is Mittel mixed with the primary color in the proportion of 70:30 (70 primary colors, 30 Mittel), in especially “cold” cases 60:40.
    • The portfolio of tattoo artists is, of course, an indicator of their skills and quality of work. But recently, 90% of masters have focused on photos of fresh, “pixel” work. Such photos are needed, they show the client how he will look right after the procedure. But there are a lot of such works in social networks.
    • Really “selling” are LIVING works. They are an important for the word of mouth. Looking at the healed eyebrows (lips) of employees, friends and relatives, we make a decision – do we need a permanent makeup, and will we go to the master. Therefore, the master must take care of how his work will look after the healing – about its density, good shade, beautiful shape.
    • You can achieve natural air-powdery results on the eyebrows and the transparent watercolors on the lips with Purebeau permanent pigments. As proof of this fact can serve hundreds of photos of right after the procedure and after healing in my portfolio. Confidence in the great result is very important for me as a master and trainer. And naturalness itself is a self-selling product!
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    10 мл, 3 мл

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