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Purebeau TRS 250 permanent makeup machine


The heavy-duty device by the German brand Purebeau ). TRS 250 brought the permanent makeup procedure to a whole new level. The complete absence of vibration of the needle, its precise range of movements strictly vertically allow the most accurate way to draw a contour line and reduce to zero traumatization of the skin during the procedure.

Purebeau TRS 250 will be an excellent assistant to the novice master, and will certainly please the most demanding expert in the field of permanent makeup. Working with such equipment is a real pleasure!

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    • 15 speed settings – 90-250 punctures per second!
    • Adjusting the depth of penetration of the needle by 3 mm
    • Reliable needle fixation in the working manipulator gives complete control over the progress of the procedure.
    • Multi-task touch control panel and convenient foot pedal, which allows you to concentrate exclusively on work.
    • Simultaneous work with two adjacent manipulations.
    • The design of the cap allows you to control the flow of pigment, which significantly reduces its consumption.
    • Integrated pigment backflow protection mechanism.
    • Guaranteed safety – only sterile supplies in individual packaging are used.
    • Exclusive design makes cleaning and sterilization of the device as convenient as possible.
    • It has no equal in creating the finest lines and delicate shading, adapted to work on scar tissue.
    • Supports all types of Purebeau needles, as well as needle nozzles from other manufacturers with a base of 0.3 mm.
    • Space design of the case, which easily fits into the interior of the most modern office.
    • Extremely reliable. The declared service life is 10 years, warranty service is 1 year.
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