Purebeau Turboschwarz - tar black eyelids permanent makeup pigment

Purebeau Turboschwarz – permanent pigment for eyelids makeup


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  • We draw attention of our colleagues to the fact that Purebeau permanent makeup pigments for the eyelids looks very naturally on the classical arrows both in healing and after, and the result is very soft and airy on shading.
  • Given the fact that most clients of the Slavic type have a cold skin tone and their structural features of the eyelids vascular skin, it is very difficult to choose a pigment that does not bluish in healing. With  Purebeau Turboschwarz you can make deep-black inter-eyelash strokes and arrows without a drop of blue shade. It’s the fact, verified by our masters in practice!
  • The consistency of Pyubo pigments is decisive when working on the eyelids. Many masters say that even if they accidentally hit the vessel with a needle, there are no migration of paint and blots formation. Pigments are placed exactly in the work area and do not spread under the skin!
  • You don’t have to worry about color stability when using permanent pigments by Purebeau! In our practice, color stability is incredible. There no undesirable gradation over the years!
  • Pigment remains in skin for 2-3 years in oily skin and more than 3 – in dry one. The pigment completely leaves from the skin through color fading.




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