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Permanent MakeUp aftercare instructions

Well, all the doubts are behind and you are happy to leave the cosmetologist’s office. The procedure is finished! But few people know that 50% of the success, permanent makeup pigment placement uniformity and the effect duration depend on how good the care for permanent makeup is. You must strictly follow certain care rules to be pleased with the result.



General rules for skin care after permanent makeup

  1. The master probably warned you that in the next week the so-called crusts will form and exfoliate on the treated area. The most important rule – do not soak or remove them! And thus, do not take hot bath, do not visit the bathhouse and sauna. Scratching of the permanent makeup area should also be avoided.
  2. The use of various scrubs and peels is prohibited – they can interfere with the healing process of the skin. As a result, the pigment is distributed unevenly and “empty” zones will appear.
  3. Do not allow too much drying of the crusts – if you feel a tightness of the skin, apply the regenerating cream recommended by your master.
  4. In the first days after the procedure until the crusts completely “converge” it is not advisable to use decorative cosmetics and healing ointments, creams containing hormones or antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide, petroleum jelly or alcohol tonics.
  5. If you are bothered by severe swelling or itching (this happens quite rarely due to individual characteristics of the immune system), take antihistamines (Suprastin, Claritin).
  6. In the first week wash your face quickly and accurately, without prolonged contact of the skin with water. It is better to use a disposable paper towel instead of a regular cloth towel. Do not rub eyebrows or lips – just touch them lightly.
  7. In the first month after the procedure, protect your face from sunlight – wear a hat, sunglasses and be sure to apply a cream with a high SPF. The pigment will not burn out and will retain its color for a long time.
  8. After permanent makeup procedure, contact with the skin surface only with thoroughly washed hands!
  9. Until the complete skin healing, machine and injection cosmetic procedures are strictly prohibited.

Depending on the skin area in which permanent makeup is performed, some nuances of post-treatment care vary.

Eyebrows permanent makeup aftercare

To care for permanent eyebrow makeup, after the third day it is recommended to apply a regenerative ointment with a thin layer twice a day until healing. On the first day, blot the eyebrows with a cotton pad dipped in chlorhexidine.

Permanent eyeliner aftercare tips

  • For eyelids skin, all the above recommendations are relevant. After the procedure, if necessary, Hydrocortisone 5% or Tetracyclin ophthalmic ointments are used. If you feel slight swelling, make a dry compress of ice placed in a plastic bag.
  • Before exfoliating the crusts completely, do not use mascara or decorative eye shadow. The good news is that although the eyelids are the most delicate area, they heal faster than the lips and eyebrows. So very soon you will forget about the discomfort and enjoy the lasting result.

Permanent makeup lips aftercare

  • Many masters recommend taking anti-herpes medicines (Acyclovir, Valtrex) before the permanent makeup. Medication should be taken 5 days after procedure. Moreover, it is necessary to take them in tablet form. Ointments and creams are contraindicated, as they can change the needed pigment density.
  • To moisturize the surface of the lips, use ointments Bepanten, D-Panthenol. Gently apply them in a thin layer without rubbing.

If you properly care for the permanent makeup area for the first time after the procedure, the result will please you for a long time. There are no trifles in permanent makeup, so take the recommendations as seriously as possible!

And in case of any questions about the care, be sure to contact your master. He will be able to advise an effective treatment to solve any problem.

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