Is the client always right? Advices for the permanent makeup artists

Is the client always right? Advices for the permanent makeup artists

There is an undeniable truth among marketers: the client is always right. But does the client really knows, what she need. That is the question.

Many masters try to behave with demanding and sometimes aggressive clients according to the well-known Carlsson scheme: “Calmness, calmness and only calmness”. And this is perhaps the best option. After all, any excessive emotions prevent you, as a specialist, from conveying the truth to the client and turn the conversation into a farce. Therefore, if you have a disagreement with a client, take three deep breaths… Well, then make decisions according to the situation.

The client wants the impossible

The notorious “black eyebrows”, which are usually insistently demanded by older clients, ruined the professional reputation of many permanent makeup artists. If at least once you succumb to the client’s persuasion and make for her string or thick black eyebrows, be prepared for the fact that soon there will be a quite a few of her girlfriends. After a couple of months, your clients who dream of natural looking powdery eyebrows will stop coming to you. Only because once they see the “strings” and do not dare to sign up to you.

It happens that six months later, that same client with thick unnatural eyebrows arranges a blast on the topic “what have you done?”. Even if you warned her, but she wanted black ones so badly! With all this, she will not remember your arguments about the procedure in principle!

CONCLUSION: Do not betray your principles! It is better to refuse to carry out a dubious procedure than to eliminate its consequences later.

The client does not know all the subtleties of the permanent makeup

This is another reason why having exactly fulfilled client’s requirements, you can make yourself problems. The simplest example is a eyebrows volume. Last year can be renamed from to “the year of hairy eyebrows” without hesitation. It’s not even a boom, but a massive insanity! But let’s leave emotions. Let’s go back to statistics. In my practice, almost every client asked for hairy eyebrows! Yes, this technique in a talented performance looks natural and in the end fashionable! But the client does not know all the intricacies of working on different types of skin! No matter how cool the master is, the hairs will almost instantly blur onto oily and porous skin. And on the fibrous one it is not possible to create them at all. It is suicide to make concessions to such clients! They will blow up your brain with their complaints “the crusts have come off and there are no hairs left”, “nightmare, the rightmost hair on the left eyebrow has disappeared”, etc.

What should the master do: either try to reach out and persuade the client to use another technique, or let her go in search of a master who dares to agree with a pure soul. The choice is yours!


Our clients make mistakes quite often

Even professional tattoo artists make mistakes. Unfortunately, customers make mistakes much more often. They often do not read agreements, do not delve into recommendations for the aftercare, and then insistently demand compensation. For many years we have been printing consent to the procedure in large print, all the information has been presented in a very accessible way! And still our clients DO NOT read it! But it is important! It’s about contraindications! About the intricacies of leaving!

What is the result? Complaints about the complete release of pigment, which happened due to the intake of hormonal or other drugs. But you put your signature and denied the fact of admission! How about “I didn’t read it, forgot it, didn’t know”? And it’s about the banal intricacies of the tattoo zone aftercare in the first days after the procedure. General practice.

How to solve the problem? Give printed reminders to your clients! They read it sometimes! And just in case, repeat the basics 10 times!

So it turns out that the client is often NOT right. And in order not to feel guilty, not to listen to dozens of calls in the first month after the procedure, you need to take measures in advance! It’s my main advice to dear colleagues! All this comes with experience, so this information is extremely important for beginners!

P.S. Our beloved clients! Listen to our words! We will not advise bad, trust me 🙂

Viktoriya Rudko, international permanent makeup trainer, founder of the RudkoArtline permanent makeup center.


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